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Gobank Activate

GoBank is a simple and convenient online banking service that can be accessed from smartphones, computers, or laptops. It’s an excellent option for those who are tired of major banks and their costs. Thus, the customers can access their Gobank login account and from any location by visiting the official website. Users will receive a GoBank card after their account is setup, which they can use to conduct online banking transactions. Users are recommended to perform GoBank Activate procedure to activate their Gobank card. Therefore, after the user successfully activates their card, they can easily use it for paying bills and shopping. Also, the account holders can take out money from ATMs in an easy and hassle-free manner. However, the users will have to activate the card via the Gobank.com/setup page.

GoBank is a mobile/web application that users can access from their smartphones or tablet. The users can also access their GoBank Login account using the official website. They can also use their mobile device to login into their GoBank Account. However, the users will have to download and install the GoBank app on their devices. Also, the account holder has access to their GoBank Account at any time and from any location for Gobank Activate.

How to Activate a GoBank Card?

Users having trouble with the Gobank Activate procedure should not worry because, through the help of the steps described below, the activation procedure will get easier. Therefore, scroll down and put the instructions listed below into action.

Users who successfully open a GoBank login account will receive a GoBank debit card after seven days. Thus, after the user receives the GoBank card, they should proceed with the GoBank Activate process to take complete advantage of GoBank’s services.

Most GoBank features will be unavailable till the user activates their card and validates their contact information. Therefore, the users are advised to complete the GoBank Activate procedure by following the procedures outlined below.

  • To begin with the GoBank Activate process, the users are advised to open a web browser.
  • After that, users are advised to visit GoBank’s official website.
  • NoteGoBank official website is “GoBank.com.”
  • Users are recommended to wait for the official website to open before proceeding.
  • Users are advised to click or tap on the “Activate Card” option once the official website has loaded on the screen.
  • Note: The “Activate Card” option appears before the “Open Account” option in the screen’s top-right corner.
  • The user will be sent to another page after selecting this option.
  • For activation, users must provide a 16-digit debit card number on the next page.
  • Note: If the user is using a starting kit, it is recommended that they also submit the 3-digit CVV number.
  • After that, users should click or press the “Confirm” button and follow the on-screen prompts.


So, activating the GoBank Card and using it takes only a few minutes. MasterCard can also be utilized to make purchases online or at retail locations. The user will receive a temporary GoBank card when they purchase the GoBank starter kit. Furthermore, the user will receive an authentic and personalized GoBank Activate in the mail once they have completed their account application. Moreover, unlike other banks, GoBank allows users to open an account even if they have a bad credit history.